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  • Petit reservation

    If you are considering additional orders or bundling, you can hold the items for up to two weeks from the time of your first order. In that case, please be sure to select Bank Deposit when ordering. If you wish to pay by credit card at the end, you can change your payment at the last minute. If you choose to pay by card at the beginning, you will be automatically entered into the payment procedure. Once you complete the procedures, we will begin preparing for shipping. thank you. The procedure is done once per shipment.

    And it would be helpful if you could leave a comment in the comment section.

    Please complete the procedure within one week of ordering.

  • Shopping coupon of 16,000 yen or more

    We issue a 10% discount coupon for purchases over 16,000 yen. Coupon code is merci 10%off

    We issue 10% discount coupons for purchases over 16000 yen. Coupon code is merci 10% off

    merici 10%off