PAYPAL settlement

What if I choose PAYPAL settlement? ??

This is a settlement method that is already widely used overseas.
This is a system that allows you to send money using only your email address without giving out your credit number.
The fee will be 550 yen. If you change to transfer after receiving the billing email from paypal, please be sure to let us know.
If you select here, you will receive a payment request email from in addition to the order confirmation email from our shop.
Payment can only be made in one lump sum.
If you wish to split the payment, you may be able to change to installment payment at the registered credit company after the settlement of accounts to our shop.
paypal does not support mobile screens.
We only support those who use the email address of a personal computer or the address of a smartphone.

The following credit cards can be used.
* JCB >

If you choose to settle with paypal, you will receive the following email from paypal after our shop completes the procedure.
You will receive an email from PAYPAL as much as you receive an order confirmation email from our shop. If you cannot confirm the email from paypal after 1.2. Days, please contact us.

! Please be sure to confirm the sender.

After clicking [Payer], the paypal site will open in your browser.

Please check the amount. The total amount including shipping is displayed here.

After clicking [Continuer]. .. ..

If you already have a paypal account, enter your email address and password, and then enter [Connextion]

If you do not have a
account, click
[vous n'avez pas de compte PayPal?] Below.

Select JAPON in [Pay].

After that, all the displays will be changed to Japanese. Please continue to enter according to the instructions.

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