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Q & A

Q: Can I make a request?

A: All antiques and other antiques are one-of-a-kind items. Each one has a different color and condition. For that reason, we do not buy used items on your behalf. I just want something like this! This request is a valuable opinion for each patrol. You can patrol with care. The products purchased in this way will be introduced as new products.

Q: Will ○○ arrive again?

A: .FR a l'epoque products are one-of-a-kind items found in the flea market, Brokant each time. The fact that we have already introduced it on the site means that we are always looking for that category, and if we find it, we will buy it. However, since it is a single item, even in the same category, the color, shape, and age will be different. .. The most difficult question about "restocking the same thing, similar thing", I don't even know who is doing it. Every time I get a reply, "If you find it, I will buy it!" I always go out to look for it every week, so the inventory situation changes every week! In other words, we do not know the contents of the product one week ahead. Please enjoy the flea market once in a while.

Q: Can I buy products wholesale?

A: Yes. At our shop, we offer 40% off petit wholesale. For more information, please see petit wholesale.

Q: What happens when you become a member?

A: Members have a 30% off category only for members after logging in. In addition, you will get shopping points that you can use from your next shopping. For details, about points. Please see .
Q: Is it possible to specify shipping?

A: Since it is shipped from overseas, you cannot specify the arrival date, time, etc. Please understand.

Q: It's for a gift. ..

A: .FR A L'EPOQUE operates in an eco-friendly manner as much as possible and ships it in a reusable box, based on the idea that antiques are important in the first place. For product wrapping, we use clothing fabrics that are difficult to reuse as a single item. We do not wrap elaborate gifts. It's quite different from the gift wrapping you often see, but if you like antiques, you might like it. ..

Q: I haven't received an email (inquiry, etc.) reply! !! !!

A: We will always reply to your email. Maybe it's in your junk mail folder. Please check that as well. If you do not find it in the junk e-mail, it may not have arrived here. Sorry for your inconvenience, but please send the email again or send it to

Q: The received email (from .FR A L'EPOQUE) is garbled! !! !!

A: I don't know what kind of route causes garbled characters, but garbled emails may arrive due to "from overseas" and "mac environment". In that case, please change the encoding of the mail software to unicode etc. If that doesn't work, try receiving emails from each provider's webmail.

Q: Can I cancel?

A: In case of cancellation, please contact us by email within 3 days of ordering. We cannot cancel after that or after payment. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Can I return or exchange?

A: .FR A L'EPOQUE products are one-of-a-kind antique and vintage items. Please note that we cannot accept exchanges or returns . If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering. Thank you.


特に以前から.FR a l'epoqueに慣れ親しんでいる方へ。

お取り置きシステムがなくなりました。が、追加ご注文、同梱をお考えの方は、1回目のご注文から大体1、2週間ほどをご決算の目安として、ご注文時に、Bank Deposit(銀行振り込み)をご選択くださいませ。もし最後にクレジットカードでのお支払いご希望でも最後に変更できます。初めにカード支払いを選択されてしまいますと、そのまま自動的にご精算手続きに入ってしまいます。お手続きをされますと発送の準備に入ります。よろしくお願いします。


Please complete the procedure within one week of ordering.

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