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.FR a l'epoque antiques, vintages and antiques

.fr à l'è poque products are second-hand goods found in brocante (flea market ) in France,
so-called vintage, antique goods.
Mainly " antique " is 100 years old,
after that, it is generally called " vintage " or "retro". It is.

There is a description of "antique" and "vintage" in the description and title.
Generally, the criteria for "antique" and "vintage" are set as above, but at
.fr à l'è poque, we are thinking a little about prewar and postwar. ..
The boundary here is around 30's.
Therefore, there may be a slight deviation from the general standards.
In addition, the age is estimated by looking at the style.

.fr à l'è poque I want you to feel free to enjoy old things (rather, I want to enjoy it! Or I like it!)
Good things, cute things ← Just simply "
I would like to introduce you.

Because I am a person who attaches to the old feeling as the taste of the product,
there may be some scratches and stains on the product.
I will try to upload the condition with an image in advance and give some explanation.
However, I would be happy if you could see
vintage and antique items with the feeling that "well left" , and the items that have remained over the years.

About product description such as materials.

What is the material? I think.
As much as possible, I will describe what I can understand in my knowledge.
However, we are not a specialist in textiles and other materials.
I'm sorry, but I don't really understand the academic details.
I'm always studying!
The material names in the description are not absolute.
Please understand.

About the condition.

In .fr à l'è poque , each product detail is ranked as [AA] [A +] [A] [A-] [B].
Good condition! !! Tres bon etat
A +
[A] from AA. There is really a little damage, but for some people it seems like [AA]. bon etat
There are some scratches, dirt, rust, etc. But it's good enough! Because it's antique and vintage. Not very noticeable . correct, bon etat en general, etat brocante
It is [A] which is close to [B]. I'm a little worried about the damage, but the damage is not so bad as I go to [B]. correct numero2. l'etat brocante mais vous pouvez s'amuser avec. des fois, besoin de reparer.
Scratches and dirt are noticeable. But it's available!
pour documant

Most of the brocante products are ranked [A]. Unlike accessories, it is a more everyday item.
Because the old feeling is loved even more.