About new product update and shipping

About new product update date and shipping date

New product update

Every Monday and Thursday at 21:00 JST.


It is held every Tuesday and Friday.
Note: It may change due to business trip patrols.

Products will be shipped from France to the world.

early! certainty! This is DHL. It will be delivered in about 5 days after shipping.

pour le japon, direction asie etc ,,
Mainly to Japan.
Free shipping on purchases over 180euro.
(* Petit wholesale costs shipping fee.)
¥ 2,900
¥ 4,550
¥ 5,880
¥ 7,980

Compensation without options is € 23 per kilo.
Further compensation can be added from + 12 euro as an option. (Compensation up to 1000 euro)
↑ This guarantee will be provided upon consultation.
Please contact us when ordering.

Are you on a personal import tariff? ?? ?? ??
Customs duties may apply depending on your luggage.
In that case, the customs duty will be the responsibility of the recipient.

Below is a quote from the DHL site.

Items purchased online for personal use

Customs duty and sales tax may be levied on items purchased online for the following reasons:

  • In most cases, the prices of items purchased online do not include customs duties and sales taxes, and may not be included in the total shipping costs paid to the online shop.
  • If you purchase items online, some or all of the items may not be shipped from your country of residence, in which case customs duties will be levied. Customs duty is a surcharge or tax levied on goods shipped across national borders.
  • If the goods are not shipped domestically (your country) or within a single customs union such as the European Union, you are responsible for paying import and sales taxes that the customs authorities in your country deem appropriate.
  • To ensure that DHL Courier can deliver goods that are part of your country or customs union in the shortest possible time, DHL will pay the customs authorities on your behalf the customs and sales taxes levied on those goods.
  • We will deliver the goods to you once the customs duty and sales tax have been paid in full to DHL.
  • The amount charged depends on the place of shipment of the item, the type of item, the transaction amount, and the weight of the package.

When you purchase an item online, be sure to check where the item will be sent to your address below.

  • Your country
  • Other countries
  • Other than your customs ally

Note: Different rules apply if you purchase the item for commercial purposes.

--- End of quote

The following customs reference site


pour la france ça part par colissimo sans signature.sur le panier ecrit en yen mais ca sera encaisser en euro.

enviton € 6.50
enviton € 14.10
enviton € 20.50

EU europ etc.

DHL express


enviton € 13.00

enviton € 22.00
enviton € 26.00
enviton € 32.00

reste du monde


enviton € 31.00
enviton € 42.00
enviton € 49.00
enviton € 52.00

Important notice of email address.

We will always reply to your orders and inquiries.
If you do not receive a reply from our shop, if it is in a junk e-mail, or please check your e-mail settings.
Once again, Please set to receive emails from your computer, or use your computer's email address. Thank you for your order.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.