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petit wholesale

To all buyers.

Looking for a French antique vintage?

First, in the presence of many shops , [.FR à l'è poque] < Thank you for visiting t2> .
And I am glad that you visited this page.
We would like to have a long and comfortable relationship with the people who can deal with us.

8 40% off "Petit wholesale" is applicable to individuals as well as shops. increase. However, we do not carry out personal shopping on behalf of "I want you to find this."
If you want this personally, 1 points 1 In the case of a different antique, it is impossible to find "the thing of that person", so you should be careful when buying .
If you find something similar, then it will be up on the site as usual.

Petit wholesale flow.

As usual, please select your favorite product from items other than the new mark.

Please use the cart as you would for regular shopping.

Please select 8 points (type) or more in one order. 40% off from 8 points and above.

We will confirm the item you ordered once, so please wait for the confirmation email from our shop.


Until now, petite wholesale has been available from 7 points, but 8 It became a point.

Instead, we have eliminated the excluded items. However, in order to be fair with people who can enjoy themselves, only new products will be excluded as before.

Basically, you can choose from the products introduced on the site, but only new arrival products are excluded.

I really respect the owners of the actual stores.

There are various conditions, but we hope that you understand that it is for fairness with customers who decide to purchase our products for themselves.

Not a substitute, but

We will endeavor to have a lineup of products that can be purchased from among many products.

About your order

Especially for those who are familiar with .FR a l'epoque for a long time.

The reserve system has disappeared. However, if you are considering additional orders or bundling, select Bank Deposit when ordering, with about 1 to 2 weeks as a guideline for settlement of accounts from the first order. Please. If you wish to pay by credit card at the end, you can change it at the end. If you select card payment at the beginning, the payment procedure will be automatically started. Once you complete the procedure, we will prepare for shipping. Thank you.

And it would be helpful if you could say a word in the comment section.

Please complete the procedure within one week of ordering.

merci 10% off

We issue a 10% discount coupon for purchases over 16000 yen. Coupon code is merci 10% off

We issue 10% discount coupons for purchases over 16000 yen. Coupon code is merci 10% off

Details Here .


LINE official

LINE officially started

Some people may not have received the email, so you can also contact us and chat here.

However, you can't communicate unless you become friends, so thank you from your friends! !!

For those who have become friends,

First 1000 yen discount coupon gift

I'm a friend