I'm on patrol. Even this.

France, or rather Paris, is currently on vacation.

From Japan's point of view, there are holidays that are unimaginable.

I thought it was the other day, and then it was time for another vacation.

However, it is a vacation due to school schedule. .

Working people basically have 5 weeks a year!

When I went to work, it was only for two weeks in the summer. I took three weeks off during the winter.

Therefore, there are quite a few brocans held in the city.

So, it's been going around quite a bit here.

I'll never go to the place I went to today again! ! !

I went last year too, but it wasn't very good.

On the way home, I had lunch at a friend's house.

It's a house in the suburbs of Paris, so it's a house with a garden.

In the middle of the garden, cherry blossoms were blooming.

The flowers are the same as Japanese cherry blossoms, but they are pure white.

I think the Japanese ones are a little more pink.

It seems that the cherries will also be fine.

Ah, I really love this time of year.

I'm too exhausted, so I'd like you to take a break from this blog today. . I'll do my best to upload it tomorrow.
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