I've decided! I've decided on you. Escape from confinement.


I decided to go with you♪

is it?

Is it me and you, Daigoro?


I'm doing well and have a good time.

How are you all doing?



France is currently closed until April 15th, but this has been extended until May 11th.

Furthermore, if there is no improvement, there is still a possibility of growth.

Even if it ends on the 11th, museums, movie theaters, restaurants, events, etc. will remain closed.

Of course, cargo cannot always be moved as usual. There is also the situation in Japan, which is on the receiving side. .

So, this is the current situation as of April 14th. If there are any changes in the future, we will notify you on this blog, in the notification section, or by email to those who are currently doing business with us.

Below are the decisions made by our store as of April 14th.

We will start shipping after May 11th.

The site continues to operate as usual. We accept orders at any time.

However, since shipping will not be until May 11th, it will inevitably be on hold until then.

If you would like to complete the procedure, please wait until May 11th or around May 11th.

(I'm thinking of an event, so please do it at the last minute.)

We will start updating new products from the 21st. We have informed you that,

As confinement has been extended, this will also be extended, and new products will be updated from May 1st.

Thank you for your understanding.

And let's all get through it together! ! !


That's all for now.

From now on, it's all nonsense and nonsense from the current hikikomori era.

Ah, it's almost been a month since I've been cooped up.

I don't meet my friends and I hardly talk to them.

Once in a while, try saying it out loud.


Then, when I feel better, I try to sing.

I usually only listen to Western music, so I can't sing.

The one that suddenly sings.

Facial Salon Tsukinikai Menado!

I'm not a regular Menard customer, I've never had one before.

I don't go to the facial salon more than twice a month.

At this point, when your throat is moist,

As usual,

Me and you ~ Giant ~~~

I'm a geto though.

Oh, I'm feeling better.

And the popular song that is popular on YouTube,

Ah, Takao Kikusui makes good songs~

Momoe-chan isn't real, but she has a lot of good songs~

The U2 Club, perhaps analyzing his own actions, always recommends Akina Nakamori here.

From there, I just drifted off and saw Misato Watanabe, and Chisato Oe! I try to sing it enthusiastically.

At that time, I was a fan of Okamura-kun. (I still like it)

He was intimidated by Okamura's insistence that Prince was copying him.

And how many days have passed like that?

For the past few days, it suddenly became a small rock again.

Oiwa, not Koiwa. (Somehow the conversion doesn't work)

All of a sudden, I felt severe pain in my eyes, and the next day, I couldn't open my eyes as if I had just been born. .

Just getting hit by water hurts.

Well, a hospital! ! !

I've put it away after all...

There are some places that do it, but if you look closely,

Video consultation.

video? ? Well, every time I went to the doctor, I thought they wouldn't do much.

Can I use a video? However, if my usual place was closed, it would be a hassle to go elsewhere for the first time.


My friend told me that moxibustion can help.

Hmm, I have moxibustion! ! !

This is because I was once addicted to moxibustion, and by the time I had completely forgotten about it,

The site ``Sennenkyu'' was registered as a favorite site on my computer.

I had completely forgotten about it, so when I found it,

why? Why me? ?

Did you really want to check out the latest information on moxibustion? Any new information about moxibustion?


So, I had moxibustion. What's more, you can make old-fashioned moxa by yourself.

On the back, firmly

I'll get burned!

The one that declares.

That's right, I have achieved what I want to do in one go, working hard until the fire goes out, and watching it burn through my guts.

I am such a fan of moxibustion.

As usual, just when I was about to give up as the burn marks started to form,

A friend told me that garlic slices are good.

I don't have garlic, so I tried using ginger and wow! If this were the case, I would be able to burn it to the end without getting burned.

It was information that was not included in the moxibustion site that I had placed in my favorites.

Delete favorites. . .

So, I am now healing Oiwa on my own.

When I stay at home like this, I have things to do and the day ends pretty quickly.

wasted time. . It may seem like that, but

Rather than being at the mercy of criticism of the world and gloomy news,

Menard, without being told what to do! The one who sings,

It's a very meaningful time.

It's going up! ↑

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