instagram 投稿の自分なりの事情

My own circumstances for posting on Instagram

As those of you who regularly check the site already know, our Instagram posts are often previews of upcoming updates a few days in advance.

We introduce new things little by little every day,

Since the item will be shipped from overseas, we think there are many people who would like to consider shipping the item at the same time.

as you know,

Your account name is not your shop name!

And, other than antique product photos, I always write that they have nothing to do with French antiques, and furthermore,

It's a personal rant, and it doesn't even give the slightest hint of whether it's France or Paris.

Probably, no, definitely, I think it's okay if you post about the shop contents.

rest assured! I am aware of it! (kiri)

However, for antique items from Paris and France, I feel that product photos alone are not enough. Dare, yeah, dare! I thought it would be okay to expose the ground.

I purposely went without the shop name.

There are many like that already.

Actually, I think it's nice to be able to see the people doing it. That's why I don't even know what it is. But someday I'll take a break.

It's not just my Instagram posts that make me go backwards, but in fact, every time I go on patrol, I end up running in the exact opposite direction of where I should be heading! is decided.


From today, a huge strike has begun in France, and no one knows when it will end. ←I added some information about France.

(But I'm sure it's not something like this. It's more poetic, like Madame...Cafe...I know...)

The photo shows a muscular garcon and lingerie that I saw twice on patrol the other day. (I know it's not even a photo!!)

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