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Bonbon bonjour.

These days, the temperature is finally below 10 degrees during the day.

It's the season where you don't even notice when your nose is dripping.

From now on, we will be in a season where we won't even be able to tell whether they have a nose or not.

What about Japan? ?

Today is. .

There are things that I have personally been collecting for a long time.

These are the things above.

Do you understand? ? ?

This is not a magazine.

It's a purse.

Made of plastic.

Around the 70's, they were produced in various countries and had various magazine covers.

The material is just a material, so it's hard to find.

I think it was still easy to find around 10 years ago. .

I have several at home in Paris and several at home in Japan.

And I even have one with the same pattern.

In the past, I used to wear a lot of clothes from the 70's,

Nowadays, I only buy this purse for things from 60's onwards.

I like vintage, but I like antique even more!

And when it comes to antique items, I prefer everyday items rather than extremely expensive items.

In my personal opinion, the site also collects products regardless of age.

At first glance, it seems like a strange selection. .

If you deviate a little,...

That's why I like new items.

However, my point is not to be fashionable, but to have a brand that is particular and original, and that doesn't seem too desperate. For example, I like ○ Gela, but I think it's because it has a similar spirit to Schiaparelli. .

And, as I've often said, I love music so much that it makes me dance to death.

When it comes to music, I like new things that are new.

It's a French antique store, so Brigitte Bardot and other items are available.

Sometimes I think it's too finished and boring.

(I like Brigitte Bardot too.)

I no longer have a clear idea of ​​what I wanted to write. .


Because things don't make me who I am, I am what I am,

I hope I can incorporate the goodness of old items into my own modern style.

No, it's not.

It wasn't like this. .

I'm starting to get confused, so

Thank you for your continued support of .FR a l'epoque.

So, let's finish.
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